HELiXMD's medical evaluation technology captures important health information when it matter most.

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Setting New Standards in
Evaluation Technology

HELiXarc is revolutionizing the ways companies collect data from their employees. With near infinite configuration potential, reportable form technology is now at your fingertips. 


HELiXMD evaluations offer maximum flexibility when capturing important data. We provide unique flexibility by enabling both out-of-the-box assessments and robust custom assessments to meet the any strategy.


Medical evaluations can become preventative, EAP, finance, or take many other forms with the click of a button. With more than a dozen categories to choose from, we are positive we can meet your needs. 

Lighting Fast

Evaluations are completed in record time using our infiniti-scroll, multiple choice format. Our average evaluation completion time is less than 90 seconds. Fast answers equals higher completion rates. 

Selection Diversity

Our in-house medical team has thoroughly evaluated the selection criteria for robust evaluation options.

  • General health
  • Preventative health
  • Male/Female specific questions
  • Fitness/Nutrition/Sleep
  • EAP
  • General living
  • Emotional well-being
  • Finance
  • And more...
Iron-Clad Security

HELiXMD servers and services are protected behind a 256bit encrypted private network and are fully HIPAA compliant.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Mobile Secure
  • National government quality encryption
  • 256-bit key
  • Segregated data user-data servers
  • SSL certified load-balancing
  • User-Admin segregation
Better. Faster. Now.
Real-Time Reporting

Data is only as good as your ability to analyze it. Our data reporting hub gives you deep analytics on the health of your population

  • Aggregate reporting
  • Beautiful graphic display
  • Filterable
  • Separated by category
  • Compliance reporting
  • Exportable
  • and more...
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Rewards Made Easy

Rewarding employees for completing evaluations doesn't have to be difficult. HELiXMD is fully integrated with Amazon to make the reward process a breeze. 

  1. Turn on evaluation
  2. Select a reward amount ($)
  3. Complete evaluation
  4. Redeem reward in the HELiXMD app
Let Us Help You Deliver Spectacular Evaluations