Employee Health Engagement

Improving employee health outcomes doesn't have to be hard, time-consuming, or expensive. 

Targeted employee health coach to improve health outcomes and maximize ROI.

Nationally licensed physicians on call 24-7 to treat common conditions via smartphone.

Beautiful tables, graphs, and charts analyzing past, current, and future health data. 

Integrated biometric screening with user friendly in-app results and detailed risk-analysis.

Connect popular health tracking devices and integrated medical devices all in one place.

Clinically relevant medical evaluations to determine population and individual health risk.

One-click health and wellness challenges to encourage population health improvement.

Launch essential employee forms to assess strategy, culture, and engagement.

Access the Helix Rx card to experience nationwide pharmacy discounts on 1000's of medications.

Discover amazing health content written by Ph.D and Graduate level health researchers.

A directory of important numbers, websites, and content with phone and URL connectivity.

Give employees access to important documents and employee cards in their smartphone.

Targeted Consultation

With decades of health and wellness experience, our in-house advisors can help you make better employee health decisions. Solutions are often closer than you think. 

Faster. Smarter. Better.

"We've developed Helix technology to empower humans, not replace them. Our experience has led us to architect solutions that impact immediately."


Chad Wamsley, CEO




Helix servers and services are protected behind a 256bit encrypted private network and are fully HIPAA compliant.



We are proud to offer the highest possible credentialed care in the industry of top health specialists.



Helix iOS and Android applications ensures maximum employee participation, engagement, and ease of use. 

Mobile Marketing web portal

Analyze. Improve. Analyze.

Helix makes it easy to analyze employee data, create an actionable plan, execute, and analyze changes over time. 

Actionable Measurements

Helix tracks every employee action in the app: communication, coaching, biometrics, device data, and more. This data helps us make smarter decisions, faster. 


Plug & Play

Try our most popular employee configuration filled with amazing features, communication, and an entire calendar year of programming. Our plug & play configuration is a white-glove, hands-free approach to fantastic employee health engagement.  

Mix & Match

Your population may require a completely customized approach to communication, management, and analytics. Our team of specialists can customize a strategy to uniquely fit your population. We will help determine an approach that fits your goals, culture, and budget.


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