The Helix mobile app is integrated with all your favorite health and wellness mobile applications. From steps trackers to blood pressure cuffs—Helix has you covered. 

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Welcome to the World of

Seamlessly integrating popular health, wellness, and medical devices and apps.


Connecting your favorite device only requires a few button clicks, password, and confirmation. 


Once your device or app is connected to our application you won't be required to connect again. Data will flow 24-7.


Our mobile application is protected with a 256 bit double encrypted server technology backed by Amazon Cloud Technology.


We pride ourselves in connecting to the most commonly used devices and applications:

  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Myfitnesspal
  • iHealth
  • Jawbone
  • Mapmyfitness
  • and more...
User Dashboard

Our unique dashboard displays multiple device types at one time. Connect as many devices as you would like. 

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Day | Week | Month

Our device dashboard will show data in 3 views: day, week, month.

Color Coded

Each device type will have it's own color code, making it easy to interpret activity data. 

Data Filter

Sort data quickly with our quick filter buttons.

Medical Solution

We have connected with the leading bluetooth medical device company iHealth to bring real-time blood pressure and glucose monitoring to our devices.

Our licensed coaching staff can monitor and intelligently suggest lifestyle modifications based on medical data. Data can also be correlated with incidence risk.

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Rewards Made Easy

Rewarding employees for completing specific activity types or for activity accumulation doesn't have to be difficult. Our device suite is fully integrated with Amazon to make the reward process a breeze. 

  1. Determine your activity goal
  2. Select a reward amount ($)
  3. Submit
  4. Redeem in the HELiX app
Let's talk about REWARDS