Employee Communication Simplified

Employee communication is hard. Helix makes it easy. 

Text one employee, all employees, or some employees. Respond through a single inbox.

Email employee(s), filter recipients, confirm, inbox, reminders, and amazing reports. 

Send employee forms, appraisals, questionnaires, and surveys with the click of a button. 

Ensure your message is heard by requesting confirmations with every communication.

Trouble communicating with your employees?

The Helix communication suite enables you to communicate via text with any employee, employee group, or subgroup in seconds. 

Did you know?

97% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of sending?



Communication Should Be Easy

Can I send texts to anyone in my population?

Absolutely! Send text messages to one employee, multiple employees, or all employees. You can even add employees by categories (e.g., registered, location, managers, etc).

Can employees respond to the text messages?

You bet! Our communication portal comes with a fantastic inbox. All of the responses appear in order of when they are received. You can text right back from the inbox. 

PS: You don't have to give out your mobile number any longer

How do I know they received my text?

We are so glad you asked. When you send out a text message, just check the box "Require Confirmation" and they will be required to confirm your message back. A tidy report will be created in real-time to show you the compliant vs the non-compliant. 

Yep, no more chasing employees around!

Should I still use email?

Email and text work great for different strategies. Text messages are great when you need to notify employees of quick messages, alerts, notifications, or reminders. In fact, you can send employees an email and then remind them about the email through text. 

Also, inboxes are cluttered with spam and unread messages. Text inboxes are almost always up to date because of our compulsive instinct to eliminate little red circles with numbers in them. 

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Email. Just better.

Helix email is unlike any other employee email system. Our proprietary confirmation system ensures maximum engagement and compliance. 

Cut Through the Clutter

The average office worker receives 121 emails per day.


Email Compliance Made Easy

Can I send emails to anyone at my company?

Absolutely! Send email messages to one employee, multiple employees, or all employees. You can even add employees by categories (e.g., registered, location, managers, etc).

Can employees respond to my emails?

Absolutely. The email will arrive from your email address as any other email you would send. It will look and function the exact same. The only difference is when they reply, the email will arrive to your own personal admin inbox. 

Why wouldn't I keep using my company email?

For some emails, you definitely should (1 to 1). However, the beauty of our email system is that it unifies all of your communication outreaches (email, text) and provides you reporting on your outreach. 

This makes life so much easier. All employee texts, emails, and in-app messages arrive at one inbox. Sending quick messages, company pulses, employee documents, and emergency notifications has never been easier. 

Tell me more about confirmation?

Have you ever wanted to send an email out to a group of employees that required them to confirm attendance, acknowledge of a request, or reply back that they received your email?

Inbox clutter would become unmanageable and you would have to track down each employee email response. 

Helix email provides a simple button to ask for their confirmation. No more spinning your wheels looking for employees in the break-room. 

Amplify Employee Voices

Wouldn't it be great to have on-demand surveys, appraisals, questionnaires, and forms?

HELiXarc technology brings in form technology to give your employees a voice. Dozens of on-demand forms are ready for you to press Launch

Employee Disconnect

37% of engaged employees are looking for jobs or are open to new opportunities, as are 56% of not engaged employees and 73% of actively disengaged employees.


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Hear Everyone

How do I send forms?

Simple. Click on the form in your personal admin portal, select a date range, and press launch.

It's really that simple. 


What types of forms can ARC send?

  • Appraisals
  • Culture analysis
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Personal performance
  • Pulse polls
  • New hire
  • Exit interview
  • performance analysis
  • 360 surveys
  • Benefit updates
  • Team building
  • Employee awareness
  • Management assessment
  • Benefit analysis
  • Company updates

How are forms delivered?

Forms land right into the Helix app dashboard. Each employee will be notified (email/text) when a new form is available. All forms are beautifully designed and single scroll. 


How is ARC different than Survey Monkey?

Survey Monkey is great at what it does—surveys. ARC is different in that it fits into the Helix engagement eco-system. Arc comes with not only surveys, forms, and appraisals, but also texting and email suites. 

We figured we might as well put all forms of communication in one application. 


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