Text, email, respond, and confirm employee communication from one central hub.  

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The Helix communication hub makes reaching out to employees a single click event. From one dashboard, you can send an email out to employees, text them a reminder, and ask them to confirm your message. Simple. 


Texting is the perfect tool to receive high response engagement. 90% of working adults have a smartphone and 99% a mobile phone—texting will reach everyone. It is also the most used form of communication in the world. 


Email isn't a new invention, but we have optimized the process. You can send emails by employee, groups, or categories. A simple inbox will help you manage all your responses and inquiries. 


Sending a message is half the battle, collecting the responses is the other half. We make this easy. Send each message with a confirmation check to remind employees to confirm the message.


Our propietary inbox system is unlike anything you've ever seen. Imagine if Gmail and Text Message collided—that's the Helix inbox. All your message in one place. 

  • Text Responses
  • Email Responses
  • Sent Text Replies
  • Send Email Replies
  • Send History
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Most strategies fail because of poor communication—plain and simple. 

Improve benefit roll-out
Increase employee engagement
Quickly notify emergencies
Connect with hard-to-reach employees
Stop chasing employees
One stop communication management
Unprecedented response rate
Nationwide communication

Communicate Everywhere

If you have employees that work from home, out-of-state, constantly out of the office, or just "busy"—Helix can help. 

Reach all your employees with the click of a button no matter where they are. 

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