Our nationally accredited coaching team delivers dynamic health coaching services while reversing medical spending.

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With Helix comes a nationally-certified medical-agency, legally licensed to provide incredible care.


The key to any successful coaching program is to first determine which strategy will have the greatest impact first. Our in-app data collection technology will quickly identify high-need areas in your population.


Gone are the days of telephonic coaching services. Through thousands of ineffective team coaching calls, we have developed a best in class communication suite to deliver end-to-end coaching outreach. Emails, texts, in-app messages, and ARC are all part of our detailed strategy. 


No two populations look the same which is why our coaching approach is flexible. While one company might struggle with diabetic follow-up, the next company might suffer from communication overload. We take an individualized approach to your population—just as you would. 

Disease Management

 A supported population is a healthy population. We help improve the conditions that matter most:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Sedentary Lifestyles
  • and more...
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Healthy Employees Stay Well

Number of Missed Workdays per Year

0-1 Conditions
2 or 3 Conditions
4 or 5 Conditions
Any Risk Factor (Smoking, Obesity, or Physical Activity)
Chronic Disease (Hypertension and/or Diabetes)

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Center For Disease Control and Prevention

"Extrapolating these results to reflect employer size, we found that per-year absenteeism for a small employer ranged from 6 days for diabetes to 31 days for obesity and costs ranged from $1,621 for diabetes to $8,065 for obesity. A large employer (1,000 employees) could face absenteeism rates of 65 days for diabetes to 1,083 days for physically inactive employees. Annual costs for a large employer could range from approximately $17,000 for diabetes to more than $285,000 for physical inactivity."


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Rewards Made Easy

Rewarding employees for coaching participation is a breeze. Our flexible reward platform is fully integrated with Amazon to make the reward process a breeze. 

  1. Define coaching outcomes
  2. Select a reward amount ($)
  3. Submit
  4. Redeem in the HELiX app
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