Biometric Analysis

HELiXMD architecture provides a fully integrated biometric collection, processing, analytics, and front-end mobile app display.

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Complete Biometrics

With near unlimited testing configurations, HELiXMD is leading biometric innovation. 


The user experience first begins with a reader-friendly mobile phone layout based on anatomical landmarks. A user might not readily understand the term “HDL”, but they are familiar with the term “Heart”. In our risk architecture, users now learn to associate HDL with heart health. 


Bring your PDF biometric data to life. HELiXMD mobile technology brings biometric data straight to your mobile phone through incredible graphics. Access pertinent health information whenever you need in a fully encrypted application. We can also store biometric PDF's.


Our flexible cloud infrastructure not only allows us to work with any biometric vendor, but also ensures a red-carpet experience from on-boarding to screening execution. Our no-touch promise delivers unparalleled service. 

Better. Faster. Now.
Real-Time Reporting

Data is only as good as your ability to analyze it. Our data reporting hub gives you deep analytics on the health of your population

  • Aggregate reporting
  • Beautiful graphic display
  • Filterable
  • Separated by category
  • Compliance reporting
  • Exportable
  • and more...
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Iron-Clad Security

Helix servers and services are protected behind a 256bit encrypted private network and are fully HIPAA compliant.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Mobile Secure
  • National government quality encryption
  • 256-bit key
  • Segregated data user-data servers
  • SSL certified load-balancing
  • User-Admin segregation

Send & Store Documents

HELiXMD makes it easier than ever before to store important biometric PDF's and send them to important parties. 


We’ve developed a document repository to store any PDF of your choosing: results, testing instructions, etc.


Users can view the PDF directly from the app and print the PDF from their phone to any network printer. This is the best of both worlds: a digital result display and PDF access for greater detail.

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Send your documents to any email of your choosing. Send to yourself, family, or a doctor in seconds.


Users can send any document to any party securely through our HIPAA server email system. You can now feel comfortable sending sensitive information. 

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Rewards Made Easy

Rewarding employees for completing biometrics doesn't have to be difficult. HELiXarc is fully integrated with Amazon to make the reward process a breeze. 

  1. Schedule biometrics
  2. Select a reward amount ($)
  3. Process screening results
  4. Redeem in the HELiX app
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